A delicate mix of officinal plants and flowers grown by us or in the woods and fields in our mountain territory. Once dried, they are mixed to obtain delicate infusions, which can be drunk hot or cold, just as they are, or sweetened with honey.

The cultivation of officinal and aromatic plants

Our passion for officinal plants goes hand in hand with our love of the world of bees. We carefully grow, among other plants, mint, lemon balm, calendula, mallow, cornflower, monarda, evening primrose and numerous aromatic plants.Rigorously handpicked at the correct time of year to give us a high concentration of active ingredients, they are used to prepare infusions, aromatic salts, extracts for our cosmetics, liquors and grappe!


  • Smile Infusion with: mint, nettles, achillea, calendula, mallow.
  • Heartwarming Infusion with: lemon balm, mint, monarda, lavender, mallow, calendula.
  • Evening magic Infusion with: lemon balm, linden, chamomile, cornflower.
  • Single plant infusions and much more.